Your favorite Logik LCD TVs come with a wide variety of audio and visual functions and if you’re not near it, it could be taxing to go to and fro the couch and TV to attend to the audio-visual settings of your choice. It is this very reason that each unit comes with remote controls guaranteed to arrange the settings if the television is beyond your reach.

That’s not all! If you want to make use of sky remote controls, you may do so easily. The line of Logik LCD TVs is programmed to receive controls or functions coming from Sky remote. All you need to do is to find the version of Sky remote control and look for the right code that matches the make and model of your TV. Remote control version could be found in a sticker at the back of the battery cover that includes the text ‘Sky rev’ (or Sky+ rev or Sky HD rev), followed by a number that indicates the version that you need. You might want to check out certain websites such as www.sky.com to help you through the process.

After getting the remote control code, follow these easy steps to configure Sky remote on your Logik TV sets:

  1. Turn on your TV and with the Sky remote at hand, press down the “TV” button.
  2. Press and hold down “select” and the red button in your Sky remote until you see the LED at the top of the remote control flashing twice.
  3. Press down the “TV” button once more and enter the four-digit code using the number keypad. If the configuration was successful, you will see LED blinking twice again. If not, check the codes again and go back to the first step.
  4. Choose a function, such as Vol+ or Vol- or the standby button, to check if the remote is ready for use.

See how easy it could get to switch from the original remote to another one such as Sky remote control. If this procedure does not work on your own Logik piece, you could contact Sky or Logik to lend you a hand in doing the trick.

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