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Telly-moments comprise a huge proportion of one’s day so why not make it a more convenient, comfortable and loaded experience. But how can this be possible?

Logik, now one of the leading brands of quality television sets, has understood your needs to add spice to one of your favorite daily activities. It has produced a variety of LCD TVs that have brought wonders to one’s TV experience. Each TV set has flat, widescreen monitors and sleek black frames sans the stockiness. It is also guaranteed to be thinner and less in weight than your regular TV. Its thin package, however, does not affect the quality of pictures and sounds, as each unit has a picture output that displays millions of colors in high definitions. Each picture is also shown with excellent resolutions that could be up to 1049088 pixels, brightness that may range up to 500 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 2000:1. Excellent pictures may really come in its thin and light package.

But before you’d think that picture is the best part of these models, wait until you hear the sound part. Really, quality sounds make these units a must-have all the more. With the attachment of NICAM quality stereo system, Logic LCD TVs are sure to give you the sound experience that you’ve long been wanting. Bass and tempos are well produced and volumes are boosted through the digital loudspeakers installed in each unit. You could also enjoy music with the same quality even on wee hours without the worry of bothering others through built-in headset sockets. You could also attach additional devices such as thumb drives, video game consoles and DVD and CD players through input connectors found in its rear.

Sleep timers are also available to help out sleepy heads in turning the units off and remote controls also come in handy with each set to allow you to access functions at a remote handset. TV experience indeed has not just been made better through Logik. It has been made great!

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