What you ought to know about Logik LCD TV

Logik LCD TV

Television viewing has never been this good. Logik LCD TV series give this favorite pastime a new definition with the introduction of flat-screened TV that will surely bring images to life through high-quality pictures and sharp sounds.

Television units included in this series are all furnished with flat-screen, LCD monitors that may be as wide as 32 inches. Despite the width, these products are guaranteed to be convenient as these LCD TVs may weigh as light as 10 kg. As for the picture quality, one may never have to worry as these units promise images that are precise and defined with resolutions of almost 1049088 pixels, brightness of 500 cd/m2 and image contrast ratio of 2001:1. Pictures and images are also presented just how they are in the real world through well-defined color quality that these items are said to give an output of 6.7 millions of colors. They are also HDTV-ready, which contributes to quality pictures all the more and built with SCART connections that enable one to attach other devices like DVD players and game consoles. Aside from movie players, you may also use these TV sets to get your regular dose of music by loading your favorite audio CD to the built-in CD port. Certified couch potatoes may also enjoy the Freeview channels that the digital tuner offers. TV viewing could really take much longer time with this feature.

In terms of audio design, each TV is equipped with NICAM sound system and integrated loudspeakers that produce richer and balanced audio quality. If you wish to enjoy sounds without worries of bothering others, there are headphones sockets that will still help you enjoy your telly moments or sound trips at any time of the day. Features of Logik LCD TVs also include an auto tuner and if you are such a sleepyhead, you can make use of the sleep timer that will help you save power by turning the TV off on your desired time. Who would’ve thought that a favorite past time could be enhanced? Well, Logik just had.

4 thoughts on “What you ought to know about Logik LCD TV

  1. I have a LCX27WN2 TV and just recently a few red horizontal lines have appeared across the screen. Is this a known problem and can this be fixed?

    Thank you.

  2. Just bought a 24″ tv with DVD and very interested in the DVR and USB video playback. It does seem to play some of my movies, others stop shortly after starting and others have no audio. Can you provide me details on the encoding standards that work with the TV.

    Also, I notice that none of the HD channels are available i.e BBC HD. Am I missing something? I was expecting to see them.

  3. I have got a Logic 32″ widescreen. My problem is, that when I try to access the password box the TV freezes. It is just out of garrentee so they do not want to know at the end of the line!! Any idea what the problem is.

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