Logik LCD TV

Logik LCD TV really made TV viewing stylish, more comfortable and richer experience. Coming in handy with a stand and wall brackets, Logiks set of wide, flat-screened TV may just be the perfect match to your home. Its simple, shiny black frame may just give you the right elegant fix to your living room or bedroom. It’s not just the looks that give it a 5-star rate; in fact, it may just be a bonus after you have seen and tried for yourself the great features stored in these TV sets by Logik, one of the digital and PC manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Screen sizes range from 15 to 32 inches but all are guaranteed to be extra light and thin compared to your regular TV sets. No matter which screen size you choose, the picture quality is just excellent as they are shown in High Definitions (HD) with resolutions at almost 1049088 pixels. Images are also shown with sharp and vibrant colors due to the image brightness ratio of 500 cd/m2 and image contrast ratio of 2000:1.

Logik LCD TVs are also equipped with digital tuners that could help you choose programs from additional freeview channels. To all parents, this is guaranteed to be a good find since they come with parental control function. Hence, these TV sets can be really considered child-friendly.

If you are a music lover, no need to worry as well, because this line of TV models is designed with NICAM Stereo sound system that will surely give you listening experience at its finest. For more exciting functions and for extra attachments, there are also 2 Scart connections, headphone sockets, built-in DVD and audio CD player and USB ports available to cater to your daily need of movies, sounds, games and a whole lot more.

So if you’re still looking for that TV set that would not only suit your home but your everyday lifestyle as well, you may want to try these LCD TVs made especially Logik.

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