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Are you tired of looking for the right TV set that has less weight, takes up minimal space but still offers high quality pictures and even sounds? Look no further because Logik, one of the stalwart manufacturers of appliances in the United Kingdom, have introduced a new breed of flat-screened TVs that promise to take TV viewing to a different level.

All models under the Logik LCD TV are incredibly thin and light. The TV units may weigh as light as 10kg and with LCD; wide screen monitors ranging from 15 to 32 inches are guaranteed to display movies in their original formats.  Each screen display pictures with resolutions that could be equal to almost 1049088 pixels, brightness up to 500 cd/m2 and contrast ratio of 2000:1. The picture output can display as much as 6.7 million colors as well; hence, you could truly expect reality and imagination to come face to face. These products are also HDTV-ready which contributes to the high quality images that the unit gives. To those who love channel surfing, built-in digital tuners may provide convenience when you are switching for the channel of your choice.

For all those who are looking for quality sound experience, here’s the feature just right for you. Logik LCD TVs have stereo-based audio system that make sound richer and more pleasing. Every sound that you listen to could also be perked-up, whether loud or soft, by using the audio leveler that adjusts the volume to suit the demands of your ears. Additional, but helpful features include built-in temperature control and sleep timers that you may prefix to switch the TV off at a specific time. Rear input connector and headphone jack are also attached to this device.

Buying any of the units under Logic LCD TV comes with a black cabinet that would give your home a more appealing touch and remote controls that would help you operate the device more conveniently. So if you want to take your telly-time onto another level, you might just want to check out these TV models that only Logik could offer.

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